About TravelHotelCard

TravelHotelCardHotel Travel Card has built a huge network of hotels in recent years. With more than 120,000 hotels we have made very good arrangements. Because hotels are almost never completely occupied while she does like! We have great deals which is reflected in our stock.

Special deals with free overnight
In addition to the lowest price guarantee hotels TravelHotelCard also offers the opportunity to stay for free at 1200 hotels in Europe! Provided that breakfast and dinner will be used and paid for at the hotel. The price is listed in each hotel so that you can decide how much you want to spend on food. You'll save a lot of money anyway because an average hotel room can easily cost 100 euros per night. With TravelHotelCard this is free of charge!

Type of Cards
TravelHotelCard Gold
TravelHotelCard Gold gives you full access to all the benefits of TravelHotelCard and offers up to 50% discount at more than 120.00 4 and 5 star city hotels around the world and get a year free unlimited long sleep in 1000 2-4 star holiday hotels *.
* When using breakfast and diner in the Hotel the night is free.

TravelHotelCard Silver
Travel Hotel Silver Card gives you to 50% discount at more than 120.000 4 and 5 star city hotels worldwide.

Even more advantages
Travel Hotel Card offers much more: unique last-minute deals, exclusive arrangements. It does not stop!

You can see it: with Travel Hotel Card all doors will be opened for you!